Looking to lose weight? Are you taking these 5 supplements?

Looking to lose weight? Are you taking these 5 supplements?

August 21, 2017


Here at ConVits we understand that it’s not easy to hit your weight loss goals - but a combination of the right supplements can give your body the boost it needs to speed up your weight loss.

Here’s a rundown of some of the ingredients we’ve hand-picked, and the benefits they contain to help you lose weight:

A-Z multivitamin and minerals

Getting the correct amount of vitamins and minerals into your body is essential for good metabolism. Metabolism is the chemical reaction that turns food into energy: therefore vitamins and minerals help you digest our food more efficiently, burn more calories, and lose weight more effectively.

Research published in the British Journal of Nutrition showed that taking a multivitamin supplement can help people control hunger and lose weight more efficiently.

Omega 3 fish oil

Taking fish oil supplements can speed up your weight loss, plus help maintain your brain, heart and joint health. This is how it can help you lose up to 2lbs a month just by taking the supplement daily:

Lose Fat and Build Muscle

Simply incorporating one of our omega 3 tablets into your daily regime can help you to build muscle and lose fat. In December 2015, Kyoto University conducted a study which showed that fish oil transforms fat-storage cells into fat-burning cells, which may reduce weight gain.

Decrease Your Appetite

To help stay full for longer between meals without snacking, fish oil supplements can help. As they help regulate serotonin, which regulates your appetite and mood, introducing it into your diet can help reduce hunger pangs and sugar cravings.

Make Your Weight Loss Effortless

Studies show that in comparable groups with the same diet and workout regime, the people who were taking fish oil lost more weight than those taking a placebo.

Minimise Fat Storage

Fish oil increases your insulin sensitivity which is helpful in weight loss: this reduces the likelihood of the food you eat being stored as fat.

Green tea extract


Green tea is also an excellent aid to help you lose weight - the flavonoids and caffeine in green tea can help raise your metabolic rate, increase fat oxidation and improve insulin activity - studies show that consuming green tea increases calories burned by about 100 calories per day. Our weight management pack includes 350mg of green tea extract per day to help activate fat-burning activity and increase fat loss.

Raspberry Ketones



Raspberry ketones can help to regulate metabolism, increase the rate at which your body breaks down fat stores, as well as reducing appetite.

Conjugated linoleic acid

CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid in meat and dairy products. It has become popular as a dietary supplement - it helps people lose weight and keep the weight off, through increasing metabolic rates and keeping cholesterol in check.

The great news is that ConVits have done all the hard work for you - our Weight Management pack brings all the above ingredients together to help you hit your weight loss goals. Not only that but it has the following benefits:

  • Each day’s supplements are in a simple daily sachet so you don’t have the hassle of lots of bottles, jars and pots to carry around with you.

  • ConVits works on a simple subscription basis - we send you a month’s supply at a time so you’ll never risk not hitting your goals by running out of supplements!

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