Our 5 top tips: how to get cut more easily

Our 5 top tips: how to get cut more easily

August 25, 2017

For many people, cutting is often the least popular element of their training regime - lots of exercise, dieting and restrictions mean it’s not as much fun as when you’re going through the process of how to bulk (discussed in a previous blog post).

We’ve put together a guide with our top tips on how to get cut, to make sure you make the most out of your cutting period and get ripped quicker and easier.

1. Consume more caffeine

Caffeine can help give your metabolism a kickstart and burn more calories. It also helps
mobilise free fatty acids as energy, as well as suppressing your appetite and keeping the hunger pangs at bay when you’re trying to cut. If you want to avoid the extra calories you might consume through sugar and milk in your coffee, try our cutting pack which includes 200mg of caffeine each day in tablet form so you can absorb it without having to drink more coffee. As well as the metabolistic benefit, the caffeine will also deliver energy and improve your attention span.

2. Make sure you get the correct nutrients

At ConVits, ensuring our customers get all the nutrients they need to reach their goals is our main aim. We have nutritional packs to suit every need, and cutting is no exception. When you’re cutting, you’ll be doing more cardio than normal, while being very careful about reducing the amount of food you consume, but at the same time you don’t want to sacrifice nutritional intake, not to mention the muscle you’ve worked so hard to build during the bulking phase.

That’s why our cutting pack is a complete daily supplement regime which provides full nutritional support to make sure you’re not compromising on any essential vitamins or minerals. We’ve assembled a quality mix of vitamins and extracts including omega 3, green tea extract, vitamin B50 complex and zinc gluconate to make sure you hit your cutting goals. With just one sachet a day containing everything you need, it’s as easy as 1 2 3 to hone your physique and boost your overall health.

3. Maintain and increase lean muscle to help you cut

When you’re cutting to get lean, you’ll need to be eating less volume, but you still need to eat regularly. Try to stick to between 6 and 8 meals a day to ensure your body has fuel - you don’t want to starve yourself so it resorts to burning muscle protein. Regular, small food intake will also keep your metabolic rate heightened, thus burning more calories.
Also make sure your diet maintains a high amount of protein consumption - again, this prevents your body burning your muscle protein and turning instead to the protein being consumed in your diet. To increase lean muscle during this period, perform high repetition exercises which will build more mass. This mass burns more calories, which all helps you get even more ripped.

4. Increase your water intake

Water is always important, whether you’re cutting, bulking, or just sat in the office. Our bodies are made of over 60% water and we need to be constantly making sure we are hydrated. However, when it comes to cutting, drinking plenty of water has an additional benefit: if you provide your body with more water than it needs, your tissue will stop retaining as much water. The consequence is that you’ll have less subcutaneous water covering your abs, so if you’re cutting to get ripped you’ll look more cut. Make sure you stick to water though: fruit juices and alcohol contain calories - calories you’re
trying to avoid at this point in your regime. Water also helps keep hunger at bay so will aid in your cutting regime when the hunger pangs kick in. If you’re undertaking a solid daily supplement regime like the one provided by ConVits, use it as an excuse to consume more water - sip some every time you take one of your supplements and
it will really bolster your water intake.

5. Exercise to increase your calorie deficit

If you’ve read our bulking blog, you’ll remember that we advised to hold back on the cardio while bulking. Now you’re cutting, however, you need to step up the amount of cardio in your regime. You need to increase your calorie deficit so that you’re burning more than you’re consuming in order to get really cut. A more intense cardio programme will also increase your metabolism so you’ll burn more calories even when at rest. Running, spinning, circuit training and other HIIT classes are great ways to achieve this.

If you follow these tips you’ll be well on the way to capitalising on the work you did during your bulking phase and maximising the gains of your cutting regime. To summarise: consume more caffeine, drink more water, increase your aerobic activity, increase your lean muscle mass through weight training and ensure you have the right vitamins, minerals and supplements to get the job done. Good luck!


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